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Most Magical Christmas Towns to Visit in America

Want to really get into the Christmas Spirit this year? Make plans now to take your family, or best girl friends, on a weekend getaway to a Christmas Card-like town straight out of a Hallmark movie!  Across the U.S. there are dozens of charming towns adorned in all things Christmas waiting for you to stop

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This Fall Try A New Activity or Hobby

Fall is one of the most perfect times to take in breathtaking views, trying a new activity, or visiting historic towns.  So grab a flannel and explore something new.  *This post may contain affiliates at no additional cost to you Hiking Find Your Next Trail Whether you want to go for a casual stroll or

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The Creepiest, Coolest Ghost Towns To visit

Imagine walking down a dusty Wild West main street, the doors of deserted buildings flapping in the wind. Picture a closed zoo with no animals, a collection of disused neon signs from long lost Las Vegas businesses or a beach resort that got swamped by mud. Sometimes the relics and ruins of an abandoned community

My Favorite Places To Visit In San Diego

La Jolla Cove.  La Jolla is probably one of my favorite places in San Diego to explore.    My first stop is La Jolla Cove.  You can enjoy strolling around, practice your photography, or if you feel adventurous, rent or bring a snorkel set.  There are three main areas to snorkel.  (Best to speak to

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Our national parks are spectacular trips with Breathtaking Views

When was the last time you truly felt in awe of something you saw? Recently, I visited Sequoia National Park and even though I am not an outdoorsy person, I discovered that our National Parks are spectacular trips with breathtaking views. Clearly, I need to spend more time vacationing in the most naturally beautiful places in the

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Let’s Visit Sequoia & the Biggest Trees in the World

“We’re going to go see trees for spring break?” They questioned me with exasperation. Now was probably not the time to also mention the expected lack of good cell service as well. There would have been a rebellion. I think my 2 daughters didn’t quite “get it” until our car headed up the mountains and

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My Amazing 50th Birthday Trip to Arizona’s Slot Canyons

My two best friends asked “Where are we going for your 50th?” I could choose anywhere I wanted for a weekend get-a-way. I thought about a spa trip or a visit to wine country. But I wanted to do something different….something I would always remember. For me, I have always wanted to visit the Antelope

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