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The Creepiest, Coolest Ghost Towns To visit

Imagine walking down a dusty Wild West main street, the doors of deserted buildings flapping in the wind. Picture a closed zoo with no animals, a collection of disused neon signs from long lost Las Vegas businesses or a beach resort that got swamped by mud. Sometimes the relics and ruins of an abandoned community are more inspiring and memorable than the same main streets of living towns. 

Ghost towns tell stories of tremendous booms and unfathomable busts.  They are fascinating and often creepy.  How fun would it be to take a road trip to visit some these settlements!  This would be a great photography adventure and possibly the start to a new hobby.

Ghost towns are primarily associated with the Wild West frontier. The majority of ghost towns date from the 1880-1940 period of westward expansion and industrialization. ~Peter Ling Professor of American Studies

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ghost town, goldfield, arizona-142881.jpg
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Have you ever visited a ghost town?  Comment below.

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