The Best Laughs! Awesome Midlife White Elephant Gifts Under $25!

Everyone loves a funny white elephant gift, and thankfully the season of gift exchange ideas is upon us!  Each year, it is a tradition for me to choose a White Elephant Theme holiday party for my friend group.  There’s no right or wrong way to have a white elephant party.  Below you will find our tradition rules.  First, here are some funny gift ideas:

here are some funny white elephant gift ideas that will Definitely get your midlife friends laughing.  Theme:  Hello Midlife!

White Elephant Rules:

  • Everyone brings a wrapped gift and places it in the center of the room where everyone can see
  • Players draw a random number to know when it’s their turn to pull a gift from the pile
  • The person who draws the number one will be the first to select a gift from the pile, then person number two will choose, and so on
  • Person number two and every one after can either choose a gift from the pile or choose to steal an already opened gift 
  • Each gift can only be stolen 3 times. On the third steal, it’s officially claimed and can’t be in rotation any longer. 
  • You can also only steal from a single person 3 times before they’re exempt from being stolen from
  • The game continues until all the players have had a turn, the player that drew the number one now gets a chance to steal a gift back from someone else as long as the gift hasn’t already been stolen 3 times. 


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