Finding A Passion As A Wildlife Photographer

After hearing her story, I was surprised to learn our love of nature came from both our fathers.  My father was an avid backpacker.  Whenever we were together, my father would point out nature’s beauty – especially trees.  Probably something I would have glanced past.  But now that my father has passed, one thing I carry with me is how he introduced me to nature and made me fall in love with the hidden things I might not have noticed without him. 

I met Trish when my oldest daughter was in elementary school.  Trish was a docent for the arts program.  I would volunteer for the class and was so appreciative of her artistic methods with the kids.  After a few years, we lost touch after her kids moved to upper grades.

However, we remained Facebook friends.  In 2020, I started to see amazing photographs pop up in her Facebook feed.  Almost daily, I would see beautiful photographs of wildlife and birds.  Her photos brought to my awareness the many beautiful birds in Orange County.  I noticed I started looking for the different birds when I was hiking.  

I reached out to Trish and asked if I could feature her photos and her new passion to inspire other women.  Luckily, she was happy to do so.

Trish’s Story


Trish’s personal story of how she discovered her inspiration for wildlife photography is a beautiful one.

For 50 years of wondering, searching, and struggling, Trish finally found her birth parents. She first found her mother but discovered she sadly, recently passed away before they could meet. Two years later,  she found her father. Immediately, they clicked.  

Her father is an avid gardener and nature enthusiast.  Having this new connection in her life inspired the passion for birding.

Trish had years of experience taking water polo action shots of her kids.  But now, with her kids away at college, the camera has taken on a whole new life. She enjoys hiking and nature exploring, capturing the beautiful wonders in her path. 

When I talked with Trish about her photos, she was modest and said “I am a total novice with the camera, by the way. I know a lot more about birds than how to use my camera.”  I’m going to politely disagree with her because her photos have inspired me almost daily.

Reactions To Trish’s Posts


I am not the only one that comments on her posts.  I love how one person’s passion can inspire so many to try something new.

Trish told me, “It is really fun to be learning and sharing a new passion with people. It’s fun to see how friends and family have become interested in birds too. It’s hard to ignore them once you start paying attention. And there are so many great trails and birding spots locally to explore!”

She has definitely inspired me and when I hike, I look at birds and other natural beauty so much differently now.

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