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Avoid the Dry Winter Skin. Get Glowing With These Simple Tips

Cold and dry weather causes skin to become chapped, flaky, and irritated.  Dry skin not only feels uncomfortable, but it also bring attention to skin’s fine lines and wrinkles.   Our summer glow can quickly fade to a dull appearance.

Luckily, with these tips you will be able to fight the dry winter skin and emerge with a glow!

Change Your Skin Care Routine

Winter is the perfect time to switch to a gentle cleanser that will add moisture back into the skin.  Avoid cleanser with ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate which can be drying.  Use a cleanser with vitamin-C which will help with brightening.  It’s also important to be exfoliating during the winter months.  

Turn On The Humidifier

The indoor heater and dry air strips our skin of it’s natural moisture.  Using a humidifier in the home will help your skin maintain it’s moisture.

Avoid Long Hot Baths & Showers

Believe it or not, long baths or showers can strip the natural oils from our skin.  If you are like me and enjoy a long soak add a hydrating body oil to your routine.  Body oil skin softening ingredients will help leave the skin surface feeling soft and smelling nice.  

Here is one of my favorites:

Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Body Oil

What tips have you found work for your winter skin?  Our readers would love to hear your tips.

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